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About me

iain welch signing books

Hello everyone. There isn't a lot of information about me in this webstore, so I thought that I would set that straight. 

My name is Iain. I am left handed, a vegetarian and I live in Herefordshire. I used to be a teacher until, after eight years in front of the white board, I gave it up to pursue art full time. 

My main influences are the Children's books that I read when I was younger, artists like Quentin Blake and Norman Rockwell as well as walking with my 'faithful' hound (he really isn't that faithful at all and would really rather spend his free time with the ladies in my local art shop).

I create most of my artwork with a dip pen and watercolour paint. I like to think that Beatrix Potter could, if she were still with us, just walk into my studio and just get back to work (though she would be a little thrown by the scanner and computer, etc). 

I teach quite a few art lessons and workshop to a range of lovely people throughout the year which I enjoy a great deal and it really keeps me on my creative toes. 

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